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Not too long ago I was taking a drive out towards Paul Lake, and I was so immersed in the scenery out there that I almost drove off the road. (Yes, it’s best if I scout locations when I’m alone…) My first thought was “I HAVE to do a photo session out here”. The next day Shelley and I were chatting about Engagement photos, and what she as looking for fit the area to a “T”. We headed out one evening just before sunset. What a great place! What a good looking couple too. We had fun chasing sunlight all over the countryside!

On a side note, it’s always fun for me to watch people who haven’t had much time in front of a camera relax and enjoy themselves. Shelley and Pat, you guys rocked this shoot!! I can hardly wait to chase you all over Sun Peaks in September!!

So, I saw this lone tree way off in a field all by itself on our way out, and my first thought was “I don’t want to ask them to trek all the way over there.” Pat had also spotted the tree, it turns out, and suggested we head on over. Yes!! It was totally worth it!

There is a wonderful farm out there as well, and when I first discovered the place I thought how great it would be to shoot there. It’s complete with fields, and hills, and aspen trees, and old fences, and old buildings, a photographer’s paradise, really. While we were shooting outside their fence they rode up on horseback. The lady of the place teaches my kids at school, and gave us free reign on the property. Thanks SO much!!


  1. Great set. Brilliant location and the weather looks as though it was perfect for you.

  2. Beautiful set. I love the ones with the lone tree.

  3. Brad worked with Pat in Salmon Arm! (small world)…..even smaller world is that I bet the property is Teri Fichtners……??? They go waaaaaay back with us crazy Friesens:) great shots as usual!

  4. I love that area for shooting! Did an engagement session out there last fall – the colors are amazing!!

  5. Yep, it’s the Fichtners’ place… beautiful land! And thanks! ;)

  6. look very natural and happy. nice photo

  7. What a pretty spot for photos! I love the ones of the two of them in the flowers.

  8. What a great session – looks like everyone had a lot of fun, too..!

  9. Pretty! Fields are nice :)

  10. incredible location. it fits how sweet the couple are with such a beautiful location. kudos.

  11. I love how you’ve captured so many different facets of their personalities! :) Happy, playful, serious — great work!

  12. I think the 3 third black and white is totally representative of who you guys are as a couple. Those are great! Congrats again.

  13. Great location, and you’ve really used the light well, I can feel the warmth :)

  14. Beautiful, as usual! I love the sun flare! They both look like they are completely at ease–great job, Lisa!

  15. The last three are my favorites. Such wonderful warm tones!


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